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Adrian Kajda

)About me


Technology enthusiast, developer (web in the past, now working in mobile for 10+ years (focusing on Android), product manager, design lover, tech conference speaker, Google for Startups (Google Developers Launchpad Mentor and road cycling fan.

Web and first “Startup”

In 1999 I created my first startup (yes, I know there was no definition for startup then)  – Max3D.pl which became one of the biggest internet communities for computer graphics in Poland. Featured many times in Polish press and TV.

Working and managing Max3D.pl gave me a lot of experience not only in web development but also in areas like internet marketing, SEO, ads market (also as a publisher), design. Also managing community with thousands of users was always a challenge.

I studied Computer Science at University of Opole where I also worked as a main web developer since my first year of studies.

Mobile, Android, Fuelio

My main project right now is Fuelio app that allows drivers to track all the costs of running a vehicle, covering fuel, maintenance and more. The project began as a hobby in August 2011. In March 2015, Fuelio was acquired by Slovak company Sygic which also employed me to manage and develop the app (still enjoying doing it!)

In August 2016 Fuelio became crowdsourcing app and now allows users all over the world to share information about petrol stations and fuel prices.

By mid-2016, the app crossed over one million downloads. By that time Fuelio was noticed by many press publications in many countries (newspapers, TVs, news sites).

In 2016 Google even created short success story movie about Fuelio.

Mobile market is my main focus right now.

New Europe 100

In 2016 I was honored to be selected to the third edition of the New Europe 100 (a list of outstanding challengers from Central and Eastern Europe)

The challengers were selected by Res Publica, the Warsaw-based journal; Google; the state-supported Visegrad Fund promoting integration within central Europe; and the Financial Times.

Conference speaker, Google Launchpad Mentor, GDG community enthusiast

Sometimes I share my knowledge at developer, mobile or startup related conferences or discussion panels.

I’m huge GDG community fan that’s why you can meet me at some GDG events (as a speaker or as a guest learning from others).

In 2018 Google offered me to be part of Google Launchpad (now Google For Startups) program as a (tech/Android/mobile/growth). I had a pleasure to help startups at many Accelerator’s events (from Launchpad Start events in Warsaw to Launchpad Accelerator Class 4 in San Francisco and today Google for Startups Accelerator Events (2020-2023).

To Recruiters: Am I looking for a new job? 

Nope. I’ve got Fuelio and I’m focusing on it. I’m not looking for any side projects right now.

Disclaimer: This is my personal blog. The views expressed on these pages are mine alone and not those of my employer.