As you can see I started my own blog and you are probably thinking why?

What’s the purpose?

I was thinking about starting my own blog years ago. As you can see that didn’t happen and my own domain was inactive for many years. I was posting different kind of things in various social media channels and for years it gave me some kind of illusion that actually it’s the best way to share your thoughts, knowledge and it’s working. I’ve got Facebook or Twitter, I’m sharing my moments there so what’s the purpose? I used the phase “moments” deliberately because it is how it works right now. It’s hard to say what’s the average lifetime for posts on Facebook or Twitter but I after day or two, almost no way will see your content and it’s getting worst because for example Facebook is not showing your content to all of your friends etc. Second point is that it’s really hard to get back to some of your thoughts written there.

I’m not doing this for clicks, views, mostly for myself but you know how it is, if anyone can find it useful I will be really happy!

I’d like to focus on few things right now:

  • developers’ world
  • mobile (of course Android)
  • innovation/new technology
  • startups/business
  • and we’ll see what else 🙂

So as you can see a little bit of mixed stuff. A little bit of developer’s blog, startup blog, reviews. Who knows. Firsts of all let’s see how it works. Let’s give it a try!

OK, but why in English?

It took me some time to make this decision. For many years right now my primary language is English. For developers or in startups’ world it is also primary language, so why not? And there’s always a space to polish language skills.